I have no idea what is going on in this guy's life, but you can't steal from people that depend on those tips for living.

I truly believe everyone in their life should work a server type of position at some point in your life. You will see how important those tips really are to your paycheck. Never in my life would I EVER think about stealing someone's tips. Sadly, it happens far too often and I actually hear about it a lot in Wichita Falls.

Most of the time the footage or photo is unclear of the suspect. At 8th Street Coffee House in downtown Wichita Falls, they got a real good shot of the guy. If anyone knows this guy, you can call tips into CrimeStoppers at 940-322-9888. They also have a P3 tips app for Google Play or Apple if you would like to submit a tip that way.

Hopefully someone in Wichita Falls knows where the police can find this guy because stealing tips from workers is a pretty low thing to do. Especially in 2020 with everything going on and then just a few days away from Christmas.

At some point this week, maybe stop by 8th Street in downtown Wichita Falls and show them some love. Get some coffee and hook those servers up with a tip. They were probably out a few bucks on this day because of this guy. So let's turn a negative into a positive Wichita Falls.

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