While I’m not a fan of extreme heat, I do love summertime. 

It’s hard to put into words, but there’s a vibe I get once summer arrives that really inspires me. It probably goes back to my childhood and being out of school for the summer. 

Unlike the kids these days, back in the 80s when I was growing up, we were out of school from Memorial Day to Labor Day. And it was glorious.

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I lived for outdoor activities like fishing and exploring the countryside near the home where I grew up just south of Vernon, Texas. I made the most of those three months of having nowhere in particular that I had to be every day. 

Of course, that all goes to the wayside when you’re an adult with a career and a family to provide for. But there’s still plenty of fun to be had outdoors even as an adult. 

These days I enjoy heading out for a round of golf or disc golf, depending on what I’m feeling like that day (as long as it’s not too terribly hot outside). But I’ve also found that a good old walk through the neighborhood on a nice day is a great way to clear the head. 

Now I live in Wichita Falls, Texas. And while we technically experience four seasons here, temperatures in the 60s and 70s don’t tend to stick around long.  

It seems like it’s typically either hot or cold here without a whole lot of beautiful days. 

So, I’m a little jealous of the folks out west in El Paso. A recent study found that the appropriately nicknamed Sun City is the 4th best city in the United States for an endless summer. 

While there’s no beach to lay out on, there’s plenty of sunshine and parks in which to soak it up. 

Get the full results of the study here.

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