I saw what a mall in Oklahoma was doing today and I was shocked at the result.


So every day I am looking for interesting things to talk about and I stumbled upon something very interesting happening in Oklahoma today. An old mall is reopening, The Crossroads Mall in Oklahoma City.

You can actually see what it looked like back in the day and also what it looks like since it was abandoned. That video was uploaded almost a year ago, since then the mall has had some "interesting" tenants. I kid you not, a portion of this mall is now a high school. Santa Fe South High School has classes in what was once a Montgomery Ward. Hey WFISD, want to move into the mall?

Not to long ago, we asked you what you wanted to go into the old Dillards location in Sikes Senter Mall since they announced they were leaving. Looks like this mall also had a Dillards, that location is now turning into a banquet hall for events. Is this the future of malls? They claim that no other place in Oklahoma can offer what this mall can do for your event. Looks like this Dillards was three floors. We had two separate Dillards locations in our mall, with one of those having two floors.

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Could this happen to us? I need to stress this, I have no idea what is going to happen to those locations. It's just very weird to see a mall turning their old Dillards into a banquet hall.

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