People from all over the world came out to take part in a pretty unique 5K.

You may remember a couple of months ago, I told you about a Chuck Norris 5K that was going to be happing in College Station. That happened over the weekend and they had a great turnout. Five thousand racers from 48 states and seven countries came together for Chuck Norris. The goal was to break a record for most people dressed as Chuck Norris.

The folks in charge need to submit the proof to be approved by Guinness, so we will see if they do it. The 5K also raised money for two different charities. The KickStart for Kids program, which teaches martial arts and discipline in middle schools for children who don’t want to participate in traditional P.E.classes. The second charity is the locally-based Mercy Project, which aims to end child slavery in the African country of Ghana.

The 5K only allowed 5,000 runners and those spots sold out in just thirteen days. I think the thing everyone looked forward to was getting a high five from Chuck Norris himself when you crossed the finish line. We have no reports of people's arms shattering upon the impact of his arm, but we can't confirm or deny that at the moment.

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