College football will be kicking off before you know it and one school in Texas has bragging rights over everybody else.

EA Sports Bringing Back NCAA Video Game

The last time college football fans had a video game to play for their favorite sport was all the back in 2014. The new game is officially out on July 19th and with all that anticipation building up for the new release, EA Sports has slowly been giving us details on what we can expect in the new game.

Home Field Advantage Will Be Big in the Game

As with games in the past, when you're on defense you will be able to pump up the crowd. This leads to the offense having to deal with a rumbling controller and shaky screen. It's a nice little touch in NCAA franchise, but not all stadiums are created the same and a school in Texas has bragging rights over everybody.

Texas A&M Kyle Field Named Toughest in the Nation

In what will start a very friendly debate today amongst college football fans, Kyle Field in College Station, Texas named the toughest game day environment. Considering Kyle Field is the fourth largest college football stadium in the country, you would expect them to be somewhere in the top ten. The only other Texas school that made the list was UT Austin at nineteen.

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We will wait and see how much more crazy Kyle Field gets compared to the other stadiums once this game drops in a few weeks.

Texas Counties With the Most High School Dropouts

This is based on the percentage of the population over the age of 25 without their high school diploma. If you would like to see where your Texas county ranks on the list. You can check that out here. Below are the top ten highest percentages in Texas.

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Can You Pronounce ALL These Texas Towns Correctly?

Texas is home to 970 cities, 228 towns, and 23 villages if you can believe it. Some of them are harder to pronounce than others and even some Texans that have lived here their whole lives may be doing some of these wrong. So let's make sure you don't look like an idiot on your next road trip through our great state.

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