This guy is an Uber-creep.

According to Le Figaro, a man in France is suing Uber for $48 million, claiming a bug in the company's app helped his wife discover he was cheating on her:

The man claims the app sent notifications detailing his pick up points, destinations and times to his wife’s phone. The man claims he had logged into his Uber account on his wife’s device once but had subsequently logged out so the notifications should have stopped.

It's unclear why the app failed or how many other people suffered because of it, but the damage was done and the wife couldn't help but think there was nothing "better" in her better half and that he may be fooling around behind her back.

Uber had no comment on the matter.

Maybe Uber's app was as a reliable a wingman as a guy who's just been paroled and hasn't seen female flesh since prom night, but this dude has to take some measure of responsibility. Short of writing on his mistresses' Facebook walls that he can't wait to nail her like a glue gun and then tagging his wife in the post, this is about the silliest way to get caught cheating.

But we think he probably learned his lesson: from now on, take Lyft.

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