Sort of like Uber or Lyft for kids.

Rideshares have definitely become popular in recent years as a way to get around a city. You open an app and a car comes and picks you up. The cool thing with rideshare is, you know how much it will cost before they pick you up. It's very convenient, but you have to be 18-years-old to use one. Not anymore, thanks to a new one called VanGo.

This is a new rideshare program for kids to use. It currently operates in New York, Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston. I'm sure some people are worried about a rideshare program for children. The creator of the app is a mom herself and she says the company is very specific with the drivers they hire. In fact, 85% of drivers are moms.

Here are the requirements to be a driver with VanGo.

  • At least 3 years of childcare experience, as a nanny, babysitter, or
  • teacher
  • Passes extensive background checks (on a national + county level)
  • Is fingerprinted
  • Has a great driving record
  • Has 2+ strong reference checks, who can speak to that driver’s childcare experience

This could be a great way for a kid to be picked up at school if a parent had something come up and they were unable to get there. We will see if this takes off, but it's something to give a try if your kid needed a ride in Dallas next time you visit.

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