This is exciting, but I will not be the first one to try one.

You may have heard of Uber's flying taxis they're working on. It looks like a cross between a helicopter and a massive drone. They call it an electric VTOL, which stands for Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft. Uber Air is described as an aerial ridesharing program will connect passengers between suburbs and cities, and ultimately within cities, as they soar above congested ground traffic.

They say Uber Air will eventually be as affordable as an UberX ride of the same distance. The plan right now is to start in three cities in 2023. Los Angeles, California, Melbourne, Australia and Dallas, Texas. Basically, you can catch a ride at an Uber Air Skyport. Which will be a parking garage where you can catch your Uber Air.

Uber Elevate Summit 2019 - Day 1
Getty Images for Uber Elevate

If you have been to Dallas recently, you may have seen Uber electric scooters placed throughout the city. These Skyports will also be a charging station for those, so if you just wanted to pick up one of those for a lift around Dallas, they will have plenty of them here as well.

Sounds like we're getting the 'Back to the Future 2' we thought we were getting in 2015. I would love to try it, but maybe after five years to see how well the technology works on that first couple of trips.

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