Nachtmystium has been a staple of The Oath going all the way back to the very first Johnny Thrash Halloween Bash and at long last, I was able to get main man Blake Judd on the horn for the July 14 edition of the show.

One of the many things I love about Nachtmystium is the band's uncanny ability to blend various styles like 70's psychedelia, late 80's thrash, industrial metal and black metal to produce a style that is most certainly rooted in black metal but unlike anything I've ever heard. As the chief songwriter for Nachtmystium, Blake possesses a rare trait and is smart enough to embrace it to really separate his band from the pack and the man deserves every bit of credit that comes his way.

The main topic of our conversation was of course the new album Silencing Machine (due out July 31 on Century Media Records), but we also talked about (among other things) the band's master plan when they signed to Century Media and whether or not they have things mapped out beyond the new album and when we can expect them to grace us with their presence here in the Lone Star State.