the oath

Oath Playlist 11/3/12
Lock it in for three hours of neck-wrecking metal...The Oath Saturday nights from 10p-1a. Al Mu'min of The Haarp Machine was my guest on last week's show.
Adam Cody of Wretched Takes the Oath [AUDIO]
It's been almost seven months since Wretched released Son of Perdition and the band are in the midst of touring in support of the album and will be at Tomcats West in Fort Worth tonight along with Bow Prometheus and The Plagued and vocalist Adam Cody marked the occasion by giving me a shout on …
Oath Playlist 10/13/12
Join me every Saturday night as I pummel the masses with the best metal around with The Oath from 10p-1a. Josh Middleton of Sylosis was the latest to take the Oath.

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