For some, the first thing they do when they buy a house is to install a security system. Alarms, bells and whistles, glass sensors, bees...the whole nine yards. Wait, BEES?  Well, it may not have been intentional, but for one Florida woman, bees managed to thwart a burglary at her house!

Joann Mendenhall keeps beehives in her backyard. So when a group of teenagers jumped her fence the other night and one landed directly on top of a beehive, their plans at burglarizing her place quickly changed. They hopped back over the fence and took off.

Mendenhall called the police, who came and got fingerprints and made a report of the incident. They also called local hospitals to see if anyone had shown up with swelling consistent from many bee stings, but to no avail.

While the teens are still on the loose, we're pretty sure they learned a painful lesson!

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