Atari, the old video game company? Yes, they're getting into the hotel business and want to build a location in Texas.

A man named Napoleon Smith III was watching 'Stranger Things' and got all of this nostalgia for the 80's, as everyone did watching that show. Napoleon is an entrepreneur and started buying up the rights to popular things from the 80's. He was wondering what happened to the video game company from the earlier part of the decade.

Atari is technically still a video game company, but they operate under the name Infogrames right now. Looks like Napoleon wants to use the original Atari name to open eight hotels around the world. One of them he wants to put in Austin. The first one is planned to open in Phoenix, Arizona. Why Phoenix? Smith said Phoenix is the perfect place for the first Atari hotel, because the symbol of the Phoenix rising from the ashes parallels the beloved brand’s reboot.

So what can you expect at this hotel? The hotels will be “where the past crashes into the future,” Smith said, in terms of meshing the nostalgic video games and the cutting-edge equipment and technology that will be included. Each hotel will include an eSport studio, gaming playground, meeting and event rooms, coworking spaces, restaurants, bars, movie theater and a gym. The rooms will include the bandwidth to play and stream online games for the whole family.

Listen, if you have a Kaboom themed room, I will totally go spend the night at this place when I visit Austin. No word yet on when they plan to open the Texas location. Hopefully everything goes well with the location in Phoenix and then more should be opening after that.

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