The chicken sandwich war of 2019 has taken a dark turn.

Over the past few weeks, a debate had raged online. Who has the best fast-food chicken sandwich? Chick-fil-a has been dubbed the king for a while now, but Popeyes has come out of nowhere to test the king. Some people are switching sides and this has lead to countless debates online.

This also means a lot of people are wanting to try this new chicken sandwich to see how good it actually is. Well, with all these people wanting to see what all the hype is about, several Popeyes have run out of chicken sandwiches. One of these locations was in Houston last night.

Apparently a group of men in a black Chevy Tahoe went to a Popeyes on Scott Street in Houston around 8:47 at night. One of the guys was so upset that this Popeyes had no sandwiches that he pulled out a handgun. The employees ran to the back and the group got away. Houston police are still investigating. 

All of this, over some chicken sandwiches.

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