If you’re into conspiracy theories and alien life forms, this one is right up your alley. The National Atomic Testing Museum, a Smithsonian Institution affiliate, will be holding a lecture in Las Vegas on September 22nd titled “Military UFO Files: Secrets Revealed.”

If you’re like many others, you may be tired of hearing about “secrets” that people reveal about Area 51 and UFO activity, only to look at what they’re saying and realize they don’t really know a thing. Maybe they’ve seen a document or heard a whisper at the office, but what do the experts really know?

For this lecture, the museum is bringing in a small but specialized group for the lecture and panel discussion, four of whom have worked in high-ranking military positions. Will they have anything new to add to what we already know?

Nick Pope, one of the men on the panel, says this about their lecture:

Strip out all the mistaken sightings of weather balloons and dump all the crazies, and we might just have something worth looking at. But you can't do that in a public UFO project, because it's a kook magnet. The trick is to highlight all the crazy stuff in the media, so the subject becomes a joke, pull the plug, then run the whole thing covertly. Now I'm not saying this is exactly what happened, but if an Air Force pilot sees something unusual and it's tracked on military radar, does anyone seriously think we wouldn't be interested?

To find out if they really have something worthwhile, we’ll have to wait a few weeks. Has alien life really visited our planet? A part of me feels as though I see aliens every day when I go to the grocery store or drive in traffic. They may have something to talk about after all.

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