So I had no idea this was a good idea and no it is not because your mailbox stinks.

It's always best to learn something new everyday and today I learned about the importance of dryer sheers in your mailbox. I legit have never heard about this until this morning when a mailman was talking about thanking their customers for putting dryer sheets in their mailbox. The reason for this, it deters wasp nests. Which apparently in the mailing industry can be a problem when those nests start to form in the spring.

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Just want to let people know if you do have a wasp nest in a closed area like a mailbox and you throw it in there it will not do anything. It may just make them mad. However, if nothing is in there, it should help keep them away. I also learned that restaurants that have outdoor patios also do this. They usually stick them under the table cloth to deter a nest from forming.

So if you constantly have wasp nests popping up at your home. You may want to consider doing this and looking out for your mailman. I'm sure they would appreciate it. I know I had a massive wasp nest form in my outdoor electrical outlet last year. I saw a bunch buzzing around it and when I opened that thing I couldn't believe the nest that formed in there. Hopefully those flying bastards leave me alone this year and go find another house to mess with.

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