Time for a road trip for all you jalapeño lovers out there.

Over in Laredo, they do an annual jalapeño festival. They actually have a Miss Jalapeño and hopefully she is as spicy as the food. The reason everyone comes to this festival is for the jalapeño eating contest. I love jalapeños, but I don't know if I could woof them down like these people do.

This year's winner was Molly Schuyler and she ate a whopping 265 jalapeños. She walked away with $3,000 and the 2018 championship trophy. Molly came SO close to breaking the record for jalapeños eaten in fifteen minutes. The record was 266 held by Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti. Just one off for my girl Molly. "The glory only goes to the selfless public restrooms I ran to afterwards," Molly said in a post on her Facebook page.

You might also remember Molly, a former Wichita Falls resident, from when she demolished the Big Tex 72 oz steak challenge in Abilene back in 2015. She ate not one, not two, THREE 72 oz steaks and sides in under an hour. And about two weeks before that, she hammered down five pounds of bacon in five minutes. Molly doesn't mess around.

I was able to find one video from the event which you can check out above. Looks like Molly got held up a bit opening her bag of jalapeños. Looks like that may have cost her that record.

You can see some of my local food challenges below. I would try this contest, but no way in hell could I do 265 jalapeños.

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