Things quickly went from bad to worse for an Amarillo man this morning.

Sleeping in a dumpster is a bad enough fate without having to worry about being crushed to death, but that’s exactly what happened to a guy in a dumpster near the 3100 block of SW 6th Avenue around 8:05 am.

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ABC 7 Amarillo is reporting that a city employee told police that they picked up the dumpster with a truck, dumped it into the truck and then began compacting the garbage.

That’s when the worker saw the dude hop out of the top of the truck and fall right back in the dumpster, which had to have hurt like hell. That didn’t stop him, though. The employee said he then took off running down an alley.

Police officers were able to locate him in the area later. He was transported to the hospital where police say he was treated for “minor” injuries.

The guy is clearly in a pretty bad place in life. Hopefully, the incident this morning will be a turning point for him and he’ll at least be able to sleep in a warm bed tonight.

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