Good news for some of those at Sheppard Air Force Base with kids.

Air Force definitely getting some high praise for everyone with kids right now. The old program only provided 48 hours of free childcare per child and per deployment. Under the new changes, an airman with two children deploying for six months would be eligible for 256 hours of free care, which is 128 hours per child. A definite increase from the old ways.

Lieutenant Colonel Kristi Contardo with the Air Force says the changes were made after many airmen expressed their need for more hours. Elizabeth Brindley is an airforce spouse and she has used the program before. She says the hours are critical for spouses to prepare before the deployment and reconnect when they return.

In order to qualify, Airmen must be:

  • on active duty or in active status as a member of the Air Force Reserve or National Guard;
  • assigned to or working on the installation;
  • deployed in support of a contingency operation; and
  • deployed for a minimum of 30 calendar days or routinely deployed on a short-term basis (30 days in a six-month period).

If you're an airman reading this and you think you qualify. They say you need to visit the installation family child care office for more information about this and other child care programs.

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