Combine the dumpster fire that is 2020 with Florida and you’re guaranteed to get some high-quality entertainment.

The latest head-scratcher to come along during the coronavirus pandemic is that of a Florida man who refused to wear a mask into a Walmart, even though company policy mandates you wear one.

He began to fight with employees when they blocked his entrance into the store, which may or may not lead to assault charges being filed.

It’s pretty comical watching the guy’s demeanor throughout the whole incident. For one thing, he’s up against a dude that’s twice his size and half his age who I’m sure could make pretty short work of him if he really wanted.

I have the credit the employee for keeping his cool the whole time. I personally wouldn’t blame him if he finally decided to wrap the dude up and slam him to the floor, but you and I both know that wouldn’t end well for either of the guys.

Here’s my take on the whole mask thing: private businesses have every right to require people to wear masks in their establishments in order to protect their employees. In fact, I actually respect that and would honor their policy.

However, if you think it’s a bunch of B.S. to be required to wear a mask into a store, the easiest solution is to simply take your business elsewhere.

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