Remember the smokeshow who went viral after she freaked out and demanded to be let off the plane at DFW because there was a passenger on the flight who was “not real?” She has now been immortalized in a brilliant work of art.

When the incident happened, the number one question on everyone’s mind was who exactly she was talking about. And the number two question on every straight male’s mind was whether or not she was taken.

Anyway, back to who exactly it was that she claimed was “not real.” We now know the answer thanks to a painting by Travis Chapman.

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And it turns out, there were several “not reals” on that plane.

Among the passengers we see a mermaid, Santa Claus, a leprechaun, a unicorn, a reptilian person, a Jackalope, an alien, a gnome, fake Avril Lavine, and Bigfoot. And if I were to guess, I would say that it would be Bigfoot that was freaking her out.

In that case, who can blame her? I, for one, don’t trust Bigfoot to not wreak havoc at some point during a three-hour flight.

Want a copy for yourself? Pick one up in Travis's Etsy shop.

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