I vividly remember the very last night of 1999. Okay… I take that back. I vividly remember buying a handful of ecstasy pills shaped like triangles and named after a car (this was back when ecstasy was still ecstasy…. before it’s friend Molly came along, for you Gen Z kids out there) in the afternoon of Dec. 31 of 1999, then going to a house-party with friends and my then boyfriend… unsure if the world was going to end in a few hours or not.

In the final months of 1999 we prepared for the impending doom of “Y2K” — a forthcoming glitch in the matrix where all of our computers were going to explode because they simply would not be able to handle the number 00. This was a real threat. However, what we didn’t know was that something far more frightening than a system error was just around the corner. A forgettable era of heavy metal fashion, where our coveted long haired, leather pants wearing Hessians would be pushed aside for an entire subculture of people who did it all for the nookie.

That's right, here we're taking a look at the early 2000s and the metal fashion mistakes that would follow.

Early 2000s Metal Fashion Mistakes

A look back at metal fashion that didn't age well.

17 Trends That Defined the Evolution of Fashion in Rock + Metal

17 Trends That Defined the Evolution of Fashion in Rock + Metal

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