Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is close enough with actor John Travolta that the two friends who like to bake share cookie recipes over text message.

That's what viewers can take from a recent video Lee shared on TikTok, the app where he and his wife, Brittany Furlan, each have official accounts and often post humorous clips. Lee's love for bonsai trees is a frequent TikTok topic, but that took a back seat to baking in Thursday's (Nov. 4) clip that showed him and Travolta trading culinary talk.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

Initially presented as an exchange over iMessage, the conversation between the two entertainers starts with the Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever star requesting a particular chocolate chip cookie recipe of the Motley Crue member's.

"Tommy can you send me that peanut butter [chocolate] chip cookie recipe that you have?" Travolta asks. "Hahahah ok! Gimme a sec to find," Lee writes back. "Thank you," the actor says. "Your welcies!" the musician replies.

The pair then swap photos of cookies, with Travolta showing off his latest batch as they bake in the oven. "You didn't know I was Johnny Crocker," the actor writes.

In an attached live video, a happily eating and drinking Travolta says, "Who'd have thought that two superstars would spend their Wednesday nights making brownies and cookies?" Taking a sip of a drink, he adds, "With fresh lemonade. Tommy Lee and JT, can't beat 'em."

Lee responds in kind, "Oh my God, buddy, my wife and I were just saying the exact same thing. I'm like, 'Who's sitting around on a Wednesday night?' … I go, 'Can you imagine if people know Tommy and John are baking? What happened?!'"

The two friends also hung out together at a recent Rolling Stones concert in Los Angeles, alongside guitarist John 5, Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell and Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger, as evidenced in a group photo John 5 shared. (See it below.)

Next year, Lee will head out with Motley Crue on the band's already twice postponed Stadium Tour. Travolta, who previously acted in a film directed by Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, stars in the upcoming Paradise City.

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