John 5 recently got some extra ad time promoting his Sinner album with one of the coolest paint jobs you'll ever see on a NASCAR race car, and now fans will be able to purchase a diecast replica collectible of that striking vehicle.

Driver Sam Mayer helmed the John 5 Sinner vehicle for the JR Motorsports race team last weekend during a race in Martinsville, Va. Scott Borchetta, CEO of Big Machine, has been a lifelong NASCAR fan and his Big Machine label was behind the sponsorship that appeared on Mayer's vehicle. After getting brake-checked and plowing into another car at lap 47, Mayer blew a radiator and smoke poured from under the hood. But the driver stuck with it and came back from three laps down to finish fourth in the race.

Circle B Diecast have recreated the look of the vehicle in diecast form in both standard autographed and non-autographed versions. The cars are an officially licensed NASCAR product, coming with diecast body and chassis, an opening hood, an opening trunk and opening working roof flaps.

These are limited edition items and they come in four specifications - a 1:64 scaled NASCAR diecast that retails for $9.99, a 1:24 scaled chrome NASCAR diecast that goes for $74.99, a 1:24 scaled autographed NASCAR diecast for $69.99 and a 1:24 scaled NASCAR diecast for $59.99.

Pre-orders are currently being taken for Sam Mayer 2021 John 5 Sinner Diecast cars at this location. Get a closer look at the diecast cars below.

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