HomeBrew Battle Of The Bands Rages On
It doesn't get any better than a good ol' monster truck show! Large trucks with big ass engines, and the capability of crushing your house, running full blast in a tin box. The awe factor at a Monster Jam Rally is unlike any you have ever experienced before and We're spicing up the Ja…
Sign Up to be Featured as a HomeBrew Hunnie
Calling all local Hunnies: if you are a local (Texoma Area) female and would like to be considered as a HomeBrew Hunnie, then hit us up. Fill out this form with your information and attach a minimum of 4 photos for submission. You don't have to be a model, you don't need to submit professi…
Roselawn HomeBrew Act II: Big Plans In Store For 2012
Max and Brandt from Roselawn were kind enough to grace me with their presence on Christmas for our Holiday edition of Homebrew. We talked Christmas carols, band members, and whats in store for Roselawn come 2012. Heres more of the Christmas sessions with Roselawn. Click it, I DARE YA!
Twicebroken Wins A Music Video Shoot And It Looks AWESOME!
Quick Summary of the video:  GUNS, GIRLS, MONEY, AARON, MORE GUNS, BRYAN, GUITARS, DARREN, DRUMS, AWESOMENESS, EVEN MORE GUNS, HIGH HEELS, JESSE, FAST CARS, NICK and let me not forget what started it all:  AWESOME ROCK MUSIC!  That's right, Twicebroken, made up of Aaron Mullin (Vocals/Keys), Darren …

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