My interview cherry has been popped and we have created a monster here at The Buzz. They let ME take the reins on HomeBrew and Radio Republic helps welcome the coming of a new age with a special acoustic preformance live in studio. Oh you know you wanna click it....

Passionate just about sums up what Radio Republic is all about. Eric, Ryan, Taylor, and Jason are all about the music. At the end of the day thats really all you have, is the music. Having all been in several different acts in the past, these cats surely bring an interesting style to the table with the combo of the four-pack. They stopped in for HomeBrew this last week and gave us all a treat with an acoustic set and news of their up-coming headlining show this Thursday (12/22) at the Iron Horse Pub.



This is a fairly new band with a lot of talent. Looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. Right now you can check out "Airstrike' and 'Bobby Waynes Revenge'. A few of the tracks to be included on their demo.








Bobby Waynes Revenge

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