Quick Summary of the video:  GUNS, GIRLS, MONEY, AARON, MORE GUNS, BRYAN, GUITARS, DARREN, DRUMS, AWESOMENESS, EVEN MORE GUNS, HIGH HEELS, JESSE, FAST CARS, NICK and let me not forget what started it all:  AWESOME ROCK MUSIC!  That's right, Twicebroken, made up of Aaron Mullin (Vocals/Keys), Darren Davis (Lead Guitar), Jesse Brashear (Drums), Nick Knowles (Bass), and Bryan Crowe (Rhythm guitar/Harmony Vocals), are starring in their own video!  The band submitted an entry into the first annual Free Music Video Contest put on by North Texas film company All Grown Up Pictures in October.  An entry that front man Aaron Mullin said almost didn't happen.

As I talked a little bit more to Aaron, he told me that after seeing the contest several times and having a little bit of "liquid courage," Aaron finally submitted their entry along with their music.  And from what this DJ understands, it was the music that sealed the deal!  The prize: a music video...for FREE!  Twicebroken and All Grown Up Pictures began filming the music video for 'Already Gone' in early November, a video that has as much explosive energy and visual impact as it does audio.   Oh wait, how do I know?  Because I already got an exclusive sneek peak of the full-length video, soon to be publicly released!  Oh YEAH, man I love my job!

It was not only cool to see tons of guns, action and an unbelievably hot chick, Sydnee Kasinger, that Aaron gets to make out with, (though Aaron may tell you she got to make out with him, LOL.  Did I really just put LOL in a post? Oh well, moving on) but it was also cool to recognize parts of Wichita Falls in the video.  Filmed in the Historic District of Wichita Falls, the video used an area that was believed to be an actual hideout of the famous Bonnie and Clyde:  the old River Grocery and Market building on North Burnett Street.

The shooting was all done in one day, with the editing taking several weeks, and when I asked Aaron what the hardest part was, he said "acting like we were singing and performing our music."  I was baffled at first but then Aaron explained that it was a little awkward lip-syncing and acting like they were playing their instruments while their music was being played loud over speakers.  I personally find that lip-syncing and playing air guitar comes naturally to me, but that might be due to the fact that I have never learned to play an actual instrument.  Or, I'm just awesome at air guitar!

Keep your eyes peeled for the full length video, I was honestly impressed on the high professional quality of it. It is scheduled to be released sometime within the next couple of weeks and you can get more info by watching Twicebroken's Facebook Page for the release date.

Check out the Twicebroken's music video for 'Already Gone':