Max and Brandt from Roselawn were kind enough to grace me with their presence on Christmas for our Holiday edition of Homebrew. We talked Christmas carols, band members, and whats in store for Roselawn come 2012. Heres more of the Christmas sessions with Roselawn. Click it, I DARE YA! 


Max has had an urge to remake a Holiday tune, and with the help of more than generous fans, Roselawn was able to make it happen. You should check out their cover of "Carol Of Bells" and how it all came together.

We also talked about whats to come in the future and to a shock, Max put out a call to arms for fellow musicians. Roselawn is in the market for new brothers and it could be you.

That, new material, and Roselawn's new remastered EP,"After The Storm" had this HomeBrew packed. "How Will I Know" is the latest single and Ive put it below for your listening pleasure.


Christmas Sessions Part Duex


How Will I Know -RoseLawn


If ya like what you hear, be sure and listen to the segment on ways to score "After The Storm". Quailty licks, you wont be disapointed!

Big Thanks to Roselawn for hangin' with me. The Minor Prophets will be next weeks guest. Your act could be next just fill out an application and hit me with a couple of your tracks and we'll make history!