Houston, we have contact. Making their way from the "Big D", One Red Martian settles on in with me this week on HomeBrew. Bring it on to the other side Buzzhead! Outside finishing up my smoke, The Brothers Woodul, and Danny Boy pull up in this 80's model, beast of a van. I'm talking, it was almost as big as a spacecraft, just of the wrong kind. It was humorous, but what got me was the university sticker on the side. It's ok. I understand, its hard out here for pimps. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

After piling out, they never really did say where the van came from. Doesn't matter they wont be staying long. Joe, Jimi, Ben and Dan all come to my world for a chat. Catch a close encounter with your very own martian, and check out the ORM Sessions Below. Their album " Spit My Brain" is out now, and "Open The Night" and "Badasser Dragon" are there for your listening pleasure.

ORM Pt. 1

ORM Pt.2

"Open The Night"

"Badasser Dragon"

As usual j-wood photography hookin' up the pictures. If your still in the grind of the music world, and are interested in HomeBrew, we are always looking for new talent. Any unsigned rock/metal gig can get their '15 mins of fame'. All's you's got's to do's is click here. I'll take care of the rest.

This Sunday on HomeBrew: Plan For A Nightmare \m/