Fresh from their Tobys show with Faint the Fiction and Roselawn, Standing Hollow stepped into the Buzz Studio last week to give us a peek into their closet full of rock on Homebrew with yours truly.  This Wichita Falls hard rock metal band consists of Michael Hayes - Vocals/Guitar : Kris Hogan - Bass : Toby Rater - Drums/Vocals : Herman Hardin - Guitar. I had a great time interviewing these guys and listen to them tell us who their musical influences are and plug their current music.  Not only do they have more music in production, but apparently they have their own studio with a fridge...which is implied by the band to be a HUGE asset to the studio/jam pad.  Listen for more detail in their first homebrew interview.

Now that you have the meat and potatoes of Standing Hollow, get ready for their music in their next post, tomorrow on the Buzz!