Past guests on Homebrew, Roselawn, will be hitting the stage tonight, 6/10/11, at Neon Spur. I had a chance to talk to these guys in the studio for Homebrew and showcase some of their music.  No stranger to the local scene, this hard partying group of guys is no holds barred when it comes to shows, music and having a good time.  The band is currently made up of vocalist Brandt Holmes, drummer Jessie Brashear, guitarist Max Snakes, and bassist Brandon Lewis.  Their tour history boasts big name bands like Nonpoint, Drowning Pool and Head(formerly of Korn).

The band recently revamped their Facebook page and has been putting a ton of energy into preparing for their next show THIS FRIDAY at The Neon Spur with Faint the Fiction  and White Knuckle!!  Awesome fact:  the Lead singer of Faint the Fiction is Jacob Pierce, CJ Peirce of Drowning Pool's brother.  This promises to be a great show so make sure you are there!  In the meantime, get yourself Roselawn's latest release:  After the Storm and enjoy the gallery of photos below from Homebrew!

Thanks again to Jessica Wood of J Wood Photography for the awesome photos!