In case you didn't hear, because I know you couldn't forget this story, Standing Hollow gave us one heck of a concert story in part 2 of their Homebrew interview last Sunday.  Just to remind you, it had to beat out Fatback Circus' story that consisted of a shirtless guy and three girls walking into the bar (sounds like a joke...LOL), the guy lying down, the three girls straddling him, urinating on him and then leaving right after that.  Yeah, that is hard to top, but this one involves women and bodily fluids as well.  But to keep my blood pressure down, i'm not going to tell you anything other than to listen to part 2 for yourself.

I have also included their  song 'Corpses and Crows' for you to listen to.  ***Caution:  Hold on to your face and wear a helmet to keep your brain matter in tact before you listen.***

Tomorrow night, see Standing Hollow live at Bully's for the Derby Dames fundraiser.  Starts at 6pm!