If for some reason you have fallen to the idea that Wichita Falls is a vortex of nothingness with nothing to do, then you need to turn off the TV, put down your color by numbers art or wake the crap up and pay attention to my posts!  There are plenty of shows planned in Texoma to keep you concert hopping several times a week!

Case in point #1:  Fain the Fiction will be playing at Tobys this Saturday, September 17th, with Roselawn.  How do I know this?  Jacob Pierce, lead vocalist and frontman for Faint the Fiction, told me during his Homebrew interview with me last Sunday.  Homebrew showcases local and/or unsigned bands looking to get their music heard and their band promoted.  Max, guitarist for Roselawn, first told me about Faint the Fiction when he informed me about their upcoming show.  After I heard the songs that Jacob submitted for Homebrew, there was no doubt Faint the Fiction belonged on the rock scene.

Faint the Fiction is a rock band out of Dallas currently made up of Jacob Pierce (vocals), Chad (guitar), and Kenny Kansas (Drums).  The band's bassist, their close friend Miles, is currently a fill-in.  So if you're looking to get into a band, or another band, contact these guys for an audition.  As you listen to part 1 of their interview, you'll learn that the band existed before Jacob came in to Texas after relocating due to Hurricane Katrina.  You'll also hear when the band's CD is projected to drop and be released and whether or not Jacob is a prima donna Axel-Rose-type frontman.

Jacob gave me two great songs for our listening pleasure, 'Never Cared Before' and 'Blame,' their latest  single that was produced by Jacob's older brother CJ Pierce, guitarist for Drowning Pool.  Their music is high energy,  heavy and addictive.  Here's another listen to their first showcased song:  Never Cared Before.

Don't Forget to make plans to be at Tobys this Saturday, September 17th, for Faint the Fiction and Roselawn!