Long day at work?  Well, here is where you get to relax.  Our Homebrew Hunnie Jen Goss can definitely relate to your busy day as she is the owner and creator of Jen Goss Creative as well as a stay at home mother for a beautiful little girl.  Her Husband Shane sets the busy family pace as not only a member of the Homebrew veteran band Sonic Cell, but an active duty member of the United States Air Force, working in emergency management (they are a cover for the anti-zombie apocalypse agency S.H.I.Z.N.I.T. but shhhh, we don't want the zombies to know).  Recently she has been residing in Florida, but for now she is chillin in the Oklahoma side of Texoma.

And if you missed the kick off of Homebrew Hunnies yesterday with Jen, click here to see it!

Favorite rock/metal band:  Sonic Cell (they have a hot bassist)

Take on video games:  X Box Connect Rocks!

Current and future tattoos:  Owl on left arm, quote on left forearm, cross on left shoulder blade and 3 crosses with wording on lower back.   One day: Half-full sleeve with her owl.

Favorite car from the shoot:  1962 White Chevrolet Impala

Did you let Shane kiss you on your first date?  No. (sucker!!! Lol, just kidding)

Best weapon to use against a zombie attack:  Shotgun, used to shoot trap and was dang good too!  Highest Female Shooter in Oklahoma twice in high school.

Jen's hair was done by Zack Temelcoff of Du Nouveau & her make-up was done by Kim Slupski of Serendipity.

The Car:  1962 Impala with matching original numbers and a 327, owned by Wally Santellana.

Location:  The Cozy Cottage at Coyote Ranch Resort.

More pics and posts featuring Jen Goss this week!