Energy, power, talent, creativity, high-tech gadgets, blood, sweat and Craigslist…what am I talking about you ask?  The Terminator, ninjas, secret agents?  Close, but I haven’t been able to find anyone alive who is willing to testify to any of those accusations.  The only information I’ve been given is that this group of elite players goes under the façade of musicians that bring down the rain of alternative rock and go by the name: Sonic Cell.

No seriously, this band has the makings of a well-oiled machine that cranks out explosive, all-original music.  Most likely thanks to natural talent, their jobs and training as active duty members of the United States Air Force and their no-limit platinum PR/manager Jen Goss, this band is far beyond most of their peers when it comes to being ready at a moments notice to deploy into stardom.  I mean geez, for the phone interview alone they set up a studio in their living room, complete with mixers, headphones & mics for everyone and margaritas!  I know some studios that aren’t that nice!

Made up of vocalist/guitarist Jacob John, guitarist Ken Buchanan, bassist Shane Goss and “bangin” drummer Brittany ‘Britt’ Caruso, Sonic Cell has been taking the Florida coastline by storm and it’s now spread over to Texoma via Homebrew.  This band knows how to attract fans.  Not only is the music out-freakin-standing, but they’re letting you download it via their website…FOR FREE!

In case you missed the interview, check out audio below and get ready for a category 5 Sonic Cell to hit, part 1…

Breakthrough’ by Sonic Cell ***Warning*** Side effects of listening may include out-of-control feelings of awesomeness and rare illusions of underwear gnomes dancing around in g-strings…enjoy, I did!

Tomorrow:  Can you pass the test to get in the band?  And see the mobile studio as well as the band's pics with the ever-so-lovely "Joshua David Stunt-Double."