Jen breaks the model stereotype:  she eats food (including cheeseburgers), she's super smart and creative and she loves rock!  But then again, she is married to a musician, so she does fall into that stereotype I guess.  She's got her own unique style, not just a pretty face, and that's why we chose her as a HomeBrew Hunnie...she's real.

When we came up with Hombrew Hunnies we wanted to accomplish a certain number of things:

1)  Provide web entertainment without it being a slut-fest

2)  Make it fun (Thus the themes that we will be rotating through every couple of weeks)

3)  Give more information about the Hunnies and prove that you don't need to be from a major city or be in an model agency to be gorgeous.

With Jen, we definitely accomplished all of that.  This Hunnie is a gorgeous, hardcore, Sonic Cell loving and down to earth stay at home mom.  And trust me, if you liked the feature on Jen, just wait until you meet the rest of the Hunnies.

This Sunday during my Homebrew hour, I will introduce you to HomeBrew Hunnie #2!

Jen's hair was done by Zack Temelcoff of Du Nouveau & her make-up was done by Kim Slupski of Serendipity.

Location:  The Cozy Cottage at Coyote Ranch Resort.