Oh yeah, that's right!  We were thinking of what else we could do to make Sundays on HomeBrew more awesome while still highlighting local awesomeness in just about any way and BAM!  HomeBrew Hunnies!  We got tired of seeing pictures of women from who knows where and decided that our own women from here in Texoma needed to be highlighted.

So me and Jessica Wood of J Wood Photography got together, contacted our 5 Hunnies, that will be introduced to you every week for the next five weeks, and headed out to Coyote Ranch Resort for the photo shoot.  But what started with taking pictures of just our local gorgeous women turned into even more!  It went from high heels to horsepower with the help of  Wally Santellana and his personal car collection.

And to make it even more fun, and to prevent it from being boring, we added themes!  Our current theme as we introduce our first 5 Homebrew Hunnies:  Pin-Up style.  You know what I'm talking about, high heels and "up-do's" that started decades ago receiving the term "Pin-Up" in the 1940's.  But I will fill you in with more information this week.  Right now, meet our very first Homebrew Hunnie:  Jen Goss.

Jen Goss is from the Oklahoma side of Texoma and happens to be married to Shane Goss, the bassist for Sonic Cell who was featured previously on HomeBrew.  This Hunnie not only looks the part of a rock HomeBrew Hunnie, she knows how to rock out like one!  Everyday this week I will be giving you more pics and information about our Hunnies, the shoot, the cars and everything else involved with the shoots.  So get ready Buzzheads, this is only the beginning!


Jen's hair was done by Zack Temelcoff of Du Nouveau and her make-up was done by Kim at Serendipity.

The Car:  1962 Impala with matching original numbers and a 327, owned by Wally Santellana.

Location:  The Cozy Cottage at Coyote Ranch Resort.

Record Collection from Johnny Thrash.

Get ready for more pics and posts featuring Jen Goss all this week!