So you think you have what it takes to be in Sonic Cell huh?  Can you set up a mobile studio for a conference call, complete with margaritas?  What about being able to finish a show with shredded fingers and only 2 remaining guitar strings?  I bet you can’t respond to the scene of a zombie breakout, knock off some zombie heads and prevent the zombie apocalypse from happening, all under the disguise of Emergency Management for the USAF.

Check out the gallery and you’ll see the high-speed band, and part-time zombie killers, in action as they talked with me during their Homebrew interview.  And since my awesomeness is still under examination for admittance into this clandestine (not so much anymore) S.H.I.Z.N.I.T. (Super Hardcore Immediate Zombie Nuisance Irradication Team), I had to find an already “Awesome-Approved” person to stand in as my stunt double for pictures with the band, THANKS MEGAN RIGMAIDEN!

It’s not easy being part of awesomeness in the form of an alternative rock band.  Just ask Britt who had to prove her worthiness to gain elite status as a member of Sonic Cell.   Someone, who shall remain anonymous, grabbed a couple pages of the test that Britt was given to get into the band, and it’s tough!

See for yourself - click the button below and find out if you could pass the test...

Check tomorrow's post for  part 2 of Sonic Cell's Homebrew interview and 'Ready, Fire, Aim!'