The demonic madman is at it again!!!! Rob Zombie is headed back to the drawing board in works on a new flick entitled, The Lords Of Salem, after his single from 2006's "Educated Horses." Hell be putting his twist on the popular folklore of the Salem Mass. witchcraft trials, and I, for one, am hella excited to see what he has in store!! Rather Music or Movies, Ive always been a HUGE Zombie fan and to see him touch in on a subject such as this, you know hes gonna put the fear and suspence, and the "special touch" on this story as only Zombie can!! From what I can gather, not much dirt on it yet, it will be alot more, for lack of a better word, subtle than his previous works, ie: House of a 1000 corpses, Devils Rejects, Halloween 1 &2(which were my favs!!) But none the less, Zombie has ALWAYS delivered and gave us some kick ass screen time so this go round should be without exception!! I cant wait, but we'll all have to seeing is how it wont drop till FALL '12. If were lucky!?!  El Diablo is dead, LONG LIVE ZOMBIE!!!!