Try not to think about it, but every man who has had sex with your woman has left behind a little piece of his genetics that's being passed on to your kids. Thanks for that disturbing revelation scientist.

A team of scientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia have some pretty disturbing news, especially if you're the jealous type.

Every man that has ever been inside your woman has left behind a small genetic trace of himself, meaning there is a small part of all your wife's previous sexual partners in your child.

It's a very, very small genetic trace though, most of it is even undetectable. You'll feel better if you tell yourself "that's what she said" right about now.

This group of scientist, whose only purpose appears to be to cause problems in an otherwise happy relationship, discovered this phenomenon in flies, and assume it also applies to humans. Really?

Last I checked, humans and flies where two entirely different creatures.

Now it's not like her ex's spunk is hiding around in her insides just waiting to foil your plans at a happy family, but rather small molecules of his baby-making fluid change the way that her eggs develop, causing her to pass along small bits of every man's genetics to her children.

Now like I said, this is only a theory. It has been proven to occur between flies, but human testing and observations still need to be performed in order to confirm this theory.

So until that time, just don't think about it. And just in case it does turn out to be true, try avoiding having children with any sort of sex worker.