He's back! If you aren't familiar with Uncle Rob, then you're missing out. He's got some of the best videos on YouTube, check out his official channel here. If like myself you've been concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically you've been wondering if all these face masks that we're now required to wear are actually working, pondering the question: "Are they effective at slowing or stopping the spread of Coronavirus?" Well we're about to find out thanks to good old Uncle Rob. You can always count on him to provide great tips, tricks and life hacks.

We've been anxiously awaiting a new video from Uncle Rob and hoping he'd tackle this tough issue. There's a lot of varying opinions when it comes to masks and whether or not they provide any amount of protection against COVID-19. Rest easy Uncle Rob sciences the s#!t out of this with some much needed, hands on experimentation. Now I know you're wondering "Are these experiments fact finding or an anyway scientific in nature?" Of course they are, you can plainly see the blow torch he's using in the video, that's science!

I seriously doubt we can all agree on face masks. Some people swear by them and demand everyone wear a mask, others aren't convinced and think it should be left up to the individual. The debate over masks will continue even past the end of COVID-19 with each side claiming righteous victory in the absolute certainty they were and have always been right. Just ask someone they'll tell you, especially if you're on Facebook or Twitter.

Obviously this is all a big joke, but a funny one. Any excuse to use open flame and try some random stupidity I'm in. Here's a MEGA CUT of some of the dumbassery that has been captured on video by Uncle Rob. WARNING: Don't try any of this stuff at home. But if you do make sure to get it on video for the rest of us.

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