Coffee too hot, coffee too cold. What do you people want?!

I learned in my law class at MSU. You can sue for anything. Take for example this woman in Illinois. She is currently suing Starbucks for FIVE MILLION dollars. Now for that kind of money, I would think something would happen like her kid was ground up in the coffee beans. Nope, Starbucks is putting too much ice in her coffee.

Oh the horror this poor woman is facing. She claims a 24 oz. cup of coffee contains 14 oz. of coffee and 10 oz. of ice. Which honestly maybe true, that doesn't entitle you to five million dollars though. I doubt you have bought five million dollars worth of coffee in your entire life.

She also goes on to say hot Starbucks beverages typically cost less than cold ones, even though they contain more coffee because of the lack of ice. Listen this thing about the ice is probably true, but if this lady gets five million dollars. I will effing riot. Fight this lawsuit Starbucks, you have to win.