You can buy just about anything you can imagine at Walmart, but not a kid.

Seriously, though. Can you imagine someone coming up to you, complimenting you on your child’s good looks and then offering to buy them? That seems like something that would only happen in a movie, but it actually happened to a woman here in Texas.

KRIS 6 News reports that a woman by the name of Rebecca Lanette Taylor approached a woman in the checkout line in Walmart and told her that she liked her one-year-old son’s blonde hair and blue eyes. And then she popped the question.

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The woman told Crockett police that Taylor first asked her how much she could pay for her son. Of course, she thought it was a joke and laughed it off. Unfortunately, she wasn’t joking. Instead, she became more persistent.

She then offered the lady $250,000 for the kid, but the mother turned Taylor down.

The woman then decided to hang around the Walmart until Taylor left the store. However, Taylor was waiting outside for her.

Taylor approached the woman when she got to her vehicle and started screaming at her, offering to pay $500,000 before threatening to take the child.

The mother was able to get away from Taylor and drive off, eventually reporting the incident to police. A review of Walmart security video confirmed the mother’s account.

Taylor was arrested on charges of the sale or purchase of a child, but has since bonded out of jail.

If convicted, Taylor is looking at serving as much as 10 years in jail.

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