Most days I could use a housekeeper. It’s not that I’m not capable of cleaning my own house, I just get lazy sometimes. When I’ve moved from one home to another, I’ve hired a house cleaner to take care of the stuff that I don’t want to deal with, but I’ve never had someone clean my place without me asking.

A woman in Ohio had some unauthorized cleaning done to her house recently. She came home to find things cleaned up, along with a note written on a napkin. It said, “$75 I was here to clean.” Along with that statement was a woman’s contact information.

When Susan Warren called the number, she thought that the house cleaner had simply stopped by the wrong house. When asked if it was in fact the wrong address, the woman replied by saying, “No, I do this all the time. I just stop by and clean your house.”

Warren was understandably confused and astonished at the answer she received, and called police to have them deal with the tidy criminal. The woman has now been charged with felony burglary.

It sounds as though nothing was taken from the house, and the woman says she was desperate for money, which is why she did it. Warren’s home was chosen at random.

So… does this method of getting hired for a job actually work? If someone broke into my house to clean it, I would call the police, too. While I appreciate that desperate times call for desperate measures, wouldn’t this woman have done better to stop by when someone was actually home to ask if her services were needed? I have to give her kudos for creativity, though.

There was no word as to how messy the house was to begin with, or whether or not the house cleaner did a good job.

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