Anybody that has used those bathrooms is not shocked by this news whatsoever.

Texans on a road trip consider Buc-ee's a must stop destination. They know they can get some great food, not have to wait for a gas pump and a guaranteed great place to use the bathroom. I don't know about you, I hate having to find a restroom on a long road trip. If a Buc-ee's is coming up, I know I will be good.

Gas Buddy once again compiled their list of the cleanest restrooms in the country.   Buc-ee's was, of course, going to take Texas. They also took the distinction of having the cleanest restrooms in the entire country. The results are coming in from September 2016 to April of 2019.

To qualify, the chain must have at least twenty locations in one state. Would be nice if we had one a little closer to us, but maybe one day. I honestly just want some of those beaver nuggets.

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