The iconic German disco band's full album is now on YouTube including our local favorite song, Wichita Falls.

Back in 2016, we discovered a German disco song about Wichita Falls. To this day, this song pops up in my head all the time. You can argue the "Put the Falls, Back in Wichita Falls" is the song that makes you laugh the most about our city, but my vote is for Witchcraft.

For years, I have done research trying to find ANYTHING about this song. Why in the hell does a disco band from 1979 in Germany have a song about our city?! Believe me, I have tried to search online, but only get basic info about the album itself and nothing on the specific Wichita Falls song.

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Up here at the station, we have guessed that someone in the band or a relative of someone in the band trained at Sheppard Air Force Base. We do get pilots from all over the world here, so maybe someone trained here and needed some material for the album? Like I said, we can only guess. We did know this is off the album Outside Inn.

Well good news, someone has put the entire Outside Inn album on YouTube and you can stream it above. It was just put up this week if you need some 70's disco in your life. Wichita Falls is Track 3 about nine minutes into the video if you have never heard this beautiful hit.

If you want more weird German Wichita Falls news, I discovered a metal band in Germany that call themselves Wichita Falls. It's a small world when things like this happen.

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