A lot of veterans call Wichita Falls home, but it looks like a veteran organization is giving us national praise.

Keep Scrolling to See Where Wichita Falls Ranks on the List

Probably the biggest impact on our economy in Wichita Falls is Sheppard Air Force Base. It brings A LOT of people and jobs to our city. I have personally heard from some veterans that they enjoyed their time training here back in the day and that is why they decided to come back to settle down in their retirement. Well good news if you're a veteran in Wichita Falls, you made the right choice. At least according to Veteran's United Home Loans.

Factors for Determining the Best Cities for Veterans

  1. Financial well-being
  2. Community support
  3. Healthcare and facilities
  4. Infrastructure, accessibility, and quality of life

Financial Well Being Is Defined As

  • Cost of living
  • Median home listing price
  • Price of gas
  • Property tax exemptions for service-related disabilities
  • How military retirement income is taxed
  • Employment rate

Community Support is Defined As

  • Homeless Veteran population
  • Veteran population growth
  • Veteran population
  • Disabled Veteran population
  • Higher education grants, scholarships, or programs available for Veterans
  • Number of military bases in-state

Healthcare and Facilities is Defined As

  • VA health facilities
  • VA benefits facilities
  • Quality of health facilities
  • Number of physicians

Infrastructure, Accessibility, and Quality of Life Defined As

  • Crime rate
  • Median air quality
  • Access to fresh food/grocery stores
  • Clean living/energy consumption
  • Quality of the education system
  • Government support for transportation infrastructure
  • Proximity to major airports

Official Top Ten Ranking for Best Cities for Veterans in the Country

After all that was calculated, here is where Veterans should settle down according to Veterans United Home Loans.

  1. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida
  2. Rochester, Minnesota
  3. Wichita Falls, Texas
  4. Fargo, North Dakota
  5. Virginia Beach – Norfolk, Virginia
  6. Watertown – Fort Drum, New York
  7. Charleston – North Charleston, South Carolina
  8. Medford, Oregon
  9. Altoona, Pennsylvania.
  10. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

What Did They Have to Say About Wichita Falls?

The median home listing price is $214,625, which is part of the reason why Wichita Falls ranked above the other cities in the Top 10 for financial well-being and also has the second-best cost of living score among the Top 10. Wichita Falls also scored best of all the cities for community support, which considers the size of the Veteran community, its growth and some of the local resources available.

They also mention if you're veteran that likes the warmer weather, we're the place for you. Seriously, don't move here if you can't handle the heat. They also say if you need to visit a big city for an event. Dallas and Oklahoma City are just two hours away. Check out their full survey here.

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