Some people are taking this time to learn some new skills or maybe take up a hobby. Wichita Falls teen Meagan Perry is trying out a new art medium, sidewalk chalk.

Jeanette Perry told Times Record News that her daughter loves to draw. She mainly uses colored pencils and markers. With all of us spending a lot more time indoors recently, it's nice to get out and get some fresh air. Meagan has been hanging out in her driveway making awesome anime murals.

You may notice some characters from the shows 'My Hero Acadamia', 'Angels of Death', 'Danganronpa', and 'Demon slayer'. Meagan definitely has some amazing talent and hopefully when this coronavirus situation calms down, we can get Meagan out at one of the Wichita Falls Art Walks. Some business needs to let her come out and take over their sidewalk for the night and let her sell some of her art.

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