I love food, so I may need to check this out.

I will not lie to you. I literally know nothing about Naruto. The only thing I know about Naruto is the Naruto run.


^You may have seen people doing this before. That is because the character on the show runs like that...for some reason (I don't read the manga or watch the show, sorry nerds).


Well it looks like one of our local ramen shops is doing something pretty cool to celebrate Naruto's birthday next month. Apparently on the show, Naruto eats Ichiraku Ramen.

(I am aware this clip is from Boruto, once again shut up nerds)

Looks like Taki Ramen in Parker Square will be serving the same ramen he eats on the show for a special two week period from October 3rd through October 17th. Now, Naruto's actual birthday is on October 9th. On that day, they will be doing 50% off their famouse mont blanc cake when you order the ramen. Got to have cake on the birthday right?


I was planning on going to Oktoberfest in Muenster, Texas that Sunday then get home to watch the Cowboys game. I think after the game, I will have to make a trip here. Even though I know nothing about Naruto, that ramen looks amazing.

I actually have not been to Taki Ramen yet, so I am exciting to try it. They also say this project is a collaboration with MSU, Dillard college of business. So it looks like I will be helping out my old college as well. So if you want to try something new over the next few weeks, go try it out.

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