I know some people were really looking forward to getting some tattoos right now. Sadly, that's another thing the coronavirus cancelled for us. One place in town decided to make their own coronavirus commercial like every other business is doing.

Can I just say, these coronavirus commercials are terrible. I think we're all sick of them. Basically the CEO or the spokesperson going, 'We're all in this together'. Every single one of these commercials is like this. Stop it! The only thing worse than these commercials was all the emails from every company once this coronavirus started. Oh thank you business that made me enter an email to buy your product five years ago. I'm glad you're taking the coronavirus seriously.

However, once place in town decided to make one of these commercials, that actually made me laugh. Cowabunga Ink doesn't know when they will be able to open back up, just know they're wanting to and they will be here for you once they do open up. But right now, 'the gubment'...


Hopefully your favorite tattoo shop in town opens sooner, rather than later. I know they could use the money right now and I am sure those folks that already had appointments booked are starting to go a little crazy.


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