Landon is back again with a tour of our city and more places to buy crack.

In case you missed Landon Cantrell's first tour of Wichita Falls video, you can check it out here. Could you possibly show all of Wichita Falls in under ten minutes? Landon knows you needed more of our city so here is part two.

We start out at one of the more underrated places in town. The Downtown Wichita Falls public library, I actually think our library is really legit. According to Landon, you may or may not see a crack deal go down as well. The Wichita Falls Softball complex is next, nothing really to share here.


Next up, we have my first job in Wichita Falls, Chuck E Cheese. Yes, I worked at the Chuck E Cheese on Southwest Parkway in college. I thought it would be easy, kids just want pepperoni or cheese pizzas. I can make that all day I thought, now Chuck E Cheese has sandwich platters. I will NEVER order one of those, they sucked to make and the pizza is way better. Landon, you're wrong about the Chuck E Cheese. The robot band is gone, guess you missed my story on it back in 2020.


Next up the Wichita Falls skate park, where we get to see some of the lovely art some people have put up. By the way, every skate park should have graffiti. I am not complaining about this whatsoever. Don't smoke your crack at the skate park though, take it over to that discrete place that Landon points out for you.

No funny business when it comes to showing Sheppard Air Force Base. Then the old prairie dog exhibit. I love those little guys, let's keep the crack away from them. All serious once again with a quick trip to United Regional. Then the forgotten high school of Wichita Falls, Hirschi. Landon even points that out in the video.

Then off to Lucy Park, once again, another great place to buy or trade crack. Also feed the ducks, but I am 99% sure Landon is in front of geese in the video. Ducks, geese, same thing. After this we get into a new aspect of Wichita Falls we haven't seen from Landon.


Scott Street is where you want to go to find that lady of the night, once again according to Landon. A trip to Maximus is also in order. Those freaking trees are ridiculous outside of Maximus. Then to Parkway for some fried cheese and we close it out with a trip to Cinemark.

All in all, another great tour of Wichita Falls. Thanks again Landon, keep up the tourism videos. Wichita Falls will be a must visit destination in no time.

Ten Things I Hate About Wichita Falls

No jokes here. Legit stuff that pisses me off about our city. Let me know what I missed or if you disagree.

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